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Clémence Flane is not conventional. Far from it. In fact, the ethos that we operate by is marrying perfection with chaos. This was the starting point for Creative Director and General Manager Teresa Mayayo and is how the Clémence Flane style continues to evolve.

Every design is Teresa’s vision of style and elegance. She combines textures and colours so that collections are delicate and emotional, a blend of purity and simplicity, a touch of innocence and then a detail or two that generates just the right amount of chaos to create the perfect design.

Perfect whilst chaotic. The simple combination of two antonyms. This is the spirit of the brand – how Teresa plays with two opposite ideas to make them work together – evolving the Clémence Flane pieces season after season.


Clémence Flane is a luxury handbag brand. Born in September 2015, with the introduction of its first model, Clementina, it began with the idea of supporting the art of leatherwork in Spain.

Clémence Flane bags have always been handmade, thus offering superior quality.

Clémence Flane is devoted to women who choose their own style and vision of fashion.

Clémence Flane bags are the perfect companions for street styles and formal occasions alike.

Clémence Flane pieces are designed to be timeless – your bag will be with you for decades.


LQDVI - Fundación Lo Que De Verdad Importa - Clémence Flane

The What Really Matters Foundation (Fundación Lo Que De Verdad Importa – LQDVI) is a non-profit organisation whose propose is to “promote the development and the diffusion of universal human, ethical and moral values to the public fundamentally through the development of cultural activities.”

Clémence Flane supports the foundation through donations (of bags and parts of the yearly profit).

If you want to know more about LQDVI, click here: